Sewer & Drain Drain Video Inspection

Now We See It, And So Can You.

Before the advent of drain line video cameras and recorders, a technician’s life was a lot more difficult.  It involved a good deal of educated guesswork…and sometimes, just plain guesswork. But that’s all behind us, and so is a large number of jobs that once required excavation just to locate the problem, never mind repair it.

videoHere at Kalamunda Drain Clearing, we show up for every job with all our gear, including state-of-the-art video drain cameras and recorders.  Here’s how drain and sewer video inspection can benefit you:

  • Pinpoints the exact location and extent of the problem
  • Allows for spot-on and faster problem diagnosis
  • That, in turn, facilitates accurate job quotes and faster job completion
  • The video inspection process is safe and non-destructive

What’s more, we can take take and record snapshots and live video and share them with you on DVD or your computer. Equally important, the video camera is calibrated to accurately see what’s going on inside pipes of all diameters.

Not every sewer or drain job requires video inspection. But for those that do, you’ll be doubly happy that you called Kalamunda Drain Clearing first…and last.vid3