Main Drain Line Cleaning

We Can Help Prevent Sewer Pipe Problems

Your home’s drain lines – including toilet drains – can play tricks on you.

There you are, thinking everything’s fine until one day…Wham! A drain problem erupts seemingly out of nowhere. You hate it, you don’t get it, and your budget wasn’t expecting it.

But here’s the thing: that drain problem DIDN’T come out of nowhere. It was in the works for some time. There just weren’t any symptoms to alert you. Then, by the time it did manifest itself, it had grown in size, complexity, and cost of repair.

Now, KP Drainflo can help you avoid such unpleasant surprises with an annual main drain line cleaning, one that includes an in-drain video inspection to locate blockages or other pending problems to they can be dealt with now, if in fact they even exist.

Take root invasion, for example. Tree and shrub roots seek out the kind of “stuff” that flows through your drain pipes. Why? Because it nourishes them. These roots are patient, too. They’re willing to wait until there’s a way inside your underground drain pipes.  Likely causes? They include old age, shifting soil, poor quality material or installation, and others. Once inside, the roots begin to fill the void until one day, they have formed the kind of blockage that allows virtually nothing to get past it.

To keep your underground drain lines as clear as possible, contact KP Drainflo to request our main drain line cleaning service. It’s a smart move, and one that can save you a bundle of money.