Drain Cleaning Products

Bio-Clean & RootX: A Fearsome Duo. Just Ask Any Blocked Drain.

productsNot all of our equipment consists of tools and machines. In fact, two of our most potent drain clearing products come in powdery form, but don’t take that to mean they’re soft on blocked drains. Far from it.

Bio-Clean Organic Drain Cleaner

Bio-Clean is an organic, non-poisonous, and non-destructive drain clearing product that breaks blocked drain matter down into tiny bits and ultimately turns it into water, carbon dioxide, or mineral ash, all of which can flow harmlessly out of your drain.

proBio-Clean is designed to be mixed with warm water and applied to help keep drains clear or break up a blockage…it’s equally effective at both. This enzyme-based product breaks down the bacteria found in grease, soap, organic waste, and more, and eventually causes the bacteria to self-destruct. And all you have to do is wait for the happy ending Bio-Clean is known far and wide to deliver.

Where can you get a container of Bio-Clean drain clearing powder? Directly from us: Kalamunda Drain Clearing. Call to order a supply today.

RootX: Another Safe Drain
Clearing Product

RootX is designed to kill tree and shrub roots that work their way inside your sewer pipes without killing the trees and shrubs themselves.

Here’s what RootX has in common with BioClean:

  • Safe on drains, safe on the environment
  • Mixes with water before use
  • Effective at keeping drains root-free and eating away roots that already have penetrated your drains

Even though it’s not organic, RootX is a non-caustic chemical that has met and exceeded the strictest of environmental standards. And, best of all, it works.

Contact KP Drainflo today for more information about Bio-Clean or RootX, or to order a supply of Bio-Clean* so you can start proactively keeping your drains blockage free.

*RootX can be applied only by a licensed plumber and drain cleaner.