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And Plumbing, Too!

There’s a lot of plumbing and therefore a lot of water flowing through your home. The trick is to keep it flowing steadily, properly, and safely. And that’s the job of our experienced team of plumbers.

plumbingAs we mentioned on our Company Profile page, KP Drainflo is part of Kalamunda Plumbing Group, a third-generation, family run business with a history of dedicated customer service dating back to 1954. Today, like always, our Group is in the very capable hands of the Jones family who continue their commitment to service excellence in everything we do. That includes residential as well as light commercial plumbing.

For you, that means a world of high quality sewer, drain, plumbing, and hot water services are at your ready disposal, where one phone call or email can get you exactly the type and level of support you require.

Click here to learn more about our many plumbing services, and here to discover why KP Hot Water is the leader in water heater maintenance, repair, and installation. And that applies to all types of water heaters, including solar and heat pumps.