Next Time, Ask for Trenchless Pipe Repair

How long has it been since you faced a blocked or broken underground sewer pipe? While it’s a common problem, it’s also one that some homeowners are lucky enough to never face.

Great news, right? Well, for the most part, yes, it is. But let’s say you had a problem today and were advised that the only way to repair the pipe was to dig up your yard, and keep digging until the problem area is located, and then hope no more digging is required. And while the problem might well be solved without any further damage to your property, you’re still left with a big re-landscaping mess and expense.

Now, we have even better news for you. In most cases, excavation is no longer required to repair or replaced blocked, damaged, or broken sewer pipes – not since trenchless pipe repair and replacement first came on the scene.

Here’s how that service benefits you:

  1. At KP Drainflo, we employ video inspection cameras specifically designed to pinpoint the exact location, nature, and extent of the problem. That means no more digging just to see what’s going on.
  2. Once the problem area has been located, only two small holes need to be dug at either end of the pipe line. That leaves two available methods for correcting the problem as you’ll see below.
  3. One method is called pipe relining where a synthetic bladder is injected into the damaged pipe where it expands to fill the space and cures to create a stronger barrier against cracks and leaks than the original pipe offered. Another way to repair or replace a pipe without massive digging is called pipe bursting. Just like it sounds, the damage pipe is burst apart while a new pipe is put in position to replace it. Either way, problem solved without damage to lawn, landscaping beds, patio, driveway, and so on.

At KP Drainflo, we have the training, experience, and all the right equipment to make employee trenchless pipe repair or replacement for you, too. So, the next time you experience a blocked drain problem, contact us for a complete solution with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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