Insist on a Pre-Closing Sewer Main Video Inspection

There is so much that goes into buying or selling your home, it’s easy for certain things to get overlooked.

Take, for example, requesting or insisting on a video inspection of the home’s underground sewer main. Many people simply don’t see the need, and for two primary reasons. One, they can’t see the underground pipes, thus camouflaging any clear signs of trouble. Two, the prospective buyers have found all toilets, faucets, and drains to be working properly.

And yet, despite all appearances to the contrary, underground drain problems can and often do exist – the kind that can lead to an expensive repair after the closing. Now, you can avoid that headache and added expense by insisting on a video inspection of your sewer line in addition to the standard home inspection.

Our drain cleaning technicians have the industry’s best sewer and drain video inspection cameras. More importantly, they know exactly what to look for. They can even take and save still images and videos so they can share their findings with you.

And thus, all guesswork is eliminated.

What Happens When a Sewer Line is Damaged?

Here are just a few of the problems frequently seen and diagnosed during a sewer main video inspection:

  • Tree or shrub roots can infiltrate a sewer line and form a mass that could require all or part of the line to be repaired or replaced.
  • Shifting soil or frozen ground can cause broken, collapsed, cracked, or misaligned pipes.
  • Grease or some other object could be causing a blockage and gradually restrict water flow, causing slow drainage or a backup.
  • Older pipes or those made from anything other than PVC can deteriorate, collapse, and restrict flow or stop it all together.
  • When a pipe “bellies,” or sinks into the ground, it creates an area for waste to converge.
  • If the seals between the pipes have broken, sewage can escape into the area surrounding the pipe resulting in unwanted odors. Noxious fumes can make you and your family sick!

If trouble is detected, the video evidence you’ll receive from KP Drainflo can result in a fair resolution prior to closing. So, if you’re about to purchase your dream house, don’t let that dream turn into a nightmare with hidden and unrevealed underground sewer problems. Instead, contact us today to request our sewer main video inspection service before you sign the contract.

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