How to Unblock Your Shower Drain

There’s nothing uncommon about a blocked shower drain. Which tends to make them even more annoying and less pleasant to deal with.

Well, without knowing anything about how you currently go about the task, here are a few helpful tips, at least one of which is bound to make the job easier and nearly as icky.

Boiling water
If you want to keep your hands off what’s blocking your shower drain, here’s the place to start. Boil tea kettle full of water and simply pour it down the drain. With any luck, mission accomplished.

Coat hanger
Okay, the mission is still underway. As a next step, grab a wire hanger from your closet. Shape one end into a small hook and straighten the rest of it, using pliers to assist you if necessary. Next, fish the hooked end into the drain and grab up the built up hair and associated soap scum, etc. Then pour some boiling water down the drain to finish the job.

Baking soda and vinegar mix
Here’s another great drain clearing technique for all your hands-off types. Mix together about ½ cup each of baking soda and distilled white vinegar and pour it down the drain. Let it sit and fizz for about a half hour and, once again, top it off with a heaping does of boiling water. Don’t get frustrated if you need to repeat the entire process, especially if you can’t even begin to recall the last time you cleaned your shower drain.

Dish detergent
If your drain is still clogged, try using a thicker lubricant to loosen the built-up hair that has accumulated to block the drain. Pour 1/4 cup of your dish detergent down the drain followed by boiling water. The thick dish detergent should free the hairs from being stuck to the side of your drain and the water will rinse out the rest of the gunk out.

For those of you who have tried it all, and then some, you still have one ace to play: contact KP Drainflo, of course! We have yet to meet a drain we can’t unblock, and we’re not about to start with yours. KP Drainflo: for any drain clearing, repair, or replacement need you might have.

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