Excavation Services

Experienced Excavation Services from Your Complete Drain Clearing Team.

Pipe re-lining – while a remarkably innovative and time-saving technology – can’t be employed in every drainage pipe repair or replacement situation.

Excavation ServicesAs in, we recommend and employ drain excavation only when there’s no better means available. And that happens only when the pipe in question is too badly damaged – perhaps even crushed – for pipe re-lining to do any good.

Even when excavation is called for, we’ll use our video inspection technology to localize the problem which, in turn, helps minimise the amount of digging required. That also helps limit the amount of subsequent repair work required for your lawn or any paved surfaces affected by the excavation.

photoBottom line, we have the skill, experience, and network of resources to tackle any residential sewer or drain job…the same goes for small commercial and institutional drain jobs.

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