Ready to Get Paid to Play in the Dirt?

If you have bit of Peter Pan in you (you know, never growing up and that whole thing), this could be just the career opportunity you’ve been looking for.

EmploymentDrain clearing, while not always, can be an awfully messy business. There’s no getting around it. But there’s also tremendous satisfaction in calming the nerves of a frazzled home- or small business owner by solving the blocked drain problem at hand. A feeling of satisfaction reinforced by having the training, skill, and full backing of your mates at KP Drainflo to do the job both thoroughly and properly.

Of course, if drain clearing isn’t exactly your cup of tea, perhaps you’re better suited to a career opportunity in one of these areas:

  • Administration
  • Customer service
  • Business development
  • Service management

If it turns out we’re the right fit for each other, here’s just some of what you can look forward to:

  • Full-time employment with true career potential
  • Great pay, benefits and bonuses
  • Paid holidays, rostered days off and sick leave
  • Fully-stocked company truck for business use
  • Company mobile phone & uniforms
  • Company sponsored social events
  • Paperless (computerized) time sheets, invoicing and pricing
  • Ongoing training and development to help you achieve even more
  • A sense of pride every time you put on your uniform

Does that sound like something worth pursuing? Then send us your resume or drop by our office and complete an employment application. Because there’s no better time than right now to get your career moving in the right direction.