Welcome to Kalamunda Drain Cleaning


KP Drainflo is part of Kalamunda Plumbing Group, a family plumbing business with a tradition of service excellence since 1954.

So why have we created a separate website dedicated solely to our drain cleaning capabilities? Great question, and the answer is very simple: our unique and extensive capabilities warrant separate and highly focused attention.  And that, we believe, is the first step in making sure your needs are served as well as possible.

Why Choose KP Drainflo for Blocked Sewers & Drains

As problematic as they can be, blocked drains are ultimately just symptoms of whatever caused the blockage in the first place. That’s the real problem. And yet the nature of that problem can’t be accurately determined until we diagnose it.

When needed, we can use our own in-line video drain cameras to determine the exact location and extent of
any drain problem.

Drain Repair & Replacement Services

What if you were to hire someone to clear your drain, only to discover the problem was beyond their capabilities? Well, you’d receive a bill for their services and still have a drain problem on your hands. According to our customers, that sort of thing happens all the time. But not when you choose KP Drainflo.

Bottom line, we can clear, repair, or replace any drain, any size, and of any length. That’s not just our confidence speaking. That’s our experience showing.

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